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>> good morning, fox news alert for you because we confirmed the half-brother of afghan president hamid karzai has been assassinated. he was shot by a bodyguard in his home. the younger karzai was one of the most powerful men in afghanistan and allegedly had ties to drug trafficking. his death could make the security situation worse in that region in a news conference with the french president. the former president said his brother's desk reflects the suffering of all afghan people. we will keep you abreast of the story as we continue with fox and friends. >> his background is to be the best because he is someone, as you mentioned, gretchen, who has ties to drug traffickers, an allegation he denied and he was
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on the pay roll of some of our intelligence operatives, which we have denied. it's not like he is mas. d, who was considereddy most all people to be a positive leader for afghanistan. >> he was part of the problem. in the meantime let's talk a little bit about this. well, those debt talks. you know they will meet every day, the president told us, until they figure out how to do something about that number that just keeps ticking bigger and bigger and bigger. today they meet at 3:45. once again they are in one of the conference rooms at the white house. it's interesting, before the meetling yesterday they had dualing press conferences. the president came out and said republicans, you have to do a big deal and by the way, if you are thinking about an interim plan, forget it, i'm not going to do it. >> i found it interesting because he basically said both sides had to get used to some sacrifice. brian, you and i had the debate yesterday on radio whether or
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not he would have that particular tone. but that's what he said. i found it interesting he said we should attack this right now, although a month ago he wasn't even involved in these talks. you have to ask him why the sudden urgency now. the other question is is that august 2nd deadline, could tim geithner just push that date a little bit more down the road or is that hard and firm? >> well, here is the -- >> it's not going to get easier, it's going to get harder. we might as well do it now. pull off the bandaid, eat our peas. now is the time to do it. if not now, when? i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if they mean what they say. >> it's amazing. yesterday the president didn't look like the same guy that ten
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days ago was talking about corporate jets -- >> he did mention corporate jets one time yesterday and we had that drinking game and i e-mailed you. >> and i came from your recommendation to vodka to wheat grass which is harder to swallow but better for you. this was the debate yesterday, gretchen, would he act like the adult in the room or would he act like someone who was partisan from ten days ago or last week? he acted like the adult in the room. he looked as they he was taking independents, moderate, vote for me. >> that was the headlines. >> you said you look at the numbers, medicare will run out of money not be able to maintain that program. did he just steal paul ryan's speech? and the deficit, he said why don't we do something that would make it sustainable. did he steal john boehner's line? >> what he said in the speech yesterday, if you are listening to that, you think he's
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compromising, he's talking about cutting social security, he's saying his party is going to be upset with him. apparently in the secret discussions he agreed to raise the medicare age from 65 to 67. is that really part of the process? he sounded like he's willing to compromise, like he's willing to take the heat, but is he willing? >> well, if so, he would have said in the meetings yesterday i have suggested that we do this with medicare or medicaid. we raise the age from 65 to 67, but he hasn't said any of that stuff in public. it's all behind the scenes we are learning from white house people. it is interesting, there were a couple of snarky comments yesterday in the meeting. at one point the republicans were talking about how raising taxes right now would be bad on the economy, and joe biden snapped, come on, man, let's get real. and then also at one point when the president was talking about how the other side already talked about doing something
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about entitlements with a john ryan plan, john boehner said excuse us for trying to lead. >> then there was silence and the president changed the subject. >> he did. >> the president said we have to get to 2.4 trillion. the homework today would be getting from 1.75 trillion to find a way to get to 2.4 trillion in cuts without raising revenue. president didn't say without raising revenue but the republicans aren't moving off that. the president can say whatever he wants. pelosi and others are not raising the age, touching medicare or social security e can't get his own caucus in order unless it's a choreographed game. >> summer saying the august 2nd deadline, a aalluded to the top of the show, is that a democratic ploy or is
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that a hard or fast date? back in april that was the first deadline date and everyone kind of pooh-poohed it and in the middle of the earthquake tsunami in japan the treasury secretary moved. >> they deliberately let it go long because they were hoping to get to a least minute situation where they could force us into a take it or leave it, like they did earlier in the year. the reality is none of these policy prescriptions the president has written has worked. this president has mismanaged the economy, has been incompetent in the management of the economy, and now he's offering tax increases that will kill any chance we have of growing our economy and getting people back to work. >> so is the deadline artificial? we've had a couple already this past year. keep in mind, the conventional wisdom in washington, the reason
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it was august 2nd because there's a big payment due on the 3rd. they think that would make it okay to write the check on the 3rd. >> and i love deadlines and nothing gets done unless there's a deadline. i don't care how real it is, it's semi real, i want them to get something done. meanwhile the president of the united states wants to be president for another four years. we don't know who the nomination is going to be -- who the nominee is going to be on the republican side, but many people are huddling around and impressed with the florida senator named marco rubio, who you just heard. >> this is an averaged marriage. we need to carry the latino vote, we need to carry florida, and marco rubio is a superstar. >> that is dick morris. he's saying marco rubio, no doubt, it's already been arranged that he will be the vice presidential nominee on the republican side. that may come as news to other people who are hoping for that
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position, like people who are actually running for president right now. many times what happens when they doan get the actual nomination they are selected as the vice president nomination. many people think he would be a fantastic choice. more so than just being latino because a lot of people thinks he makes sense. we will be interviewing him and we will ask him what he thinks about the debt ceiling, as well as possibly already being selected. >> they did a poll, and turns out michelle bachman is at the top of the poll and she leads by two or three points over mitt romney. it's early but shows she's for real. it also means she's in the crosshairs for attack. >> yeah. there is the michelle bachman derangement is in fill flown. keith elson from minnesota was
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doing a q and a and listen as he equates conserve tests to extremists and invokes her name. >> i client hosted a forum in my district called women's rights in the era of extremism. these same people who want to shrink government so you can drive it in the bathtub, also want mom to get back in the kitchen and take her shoes off and get pregnant. you understand? they are offended by a strong powerful women and here's the sad part, some of them are women themselves. michelle bachman being an example. >> let me just say this, as a strong, powerful woman, that is offensive. that is offensive. how dare you say that about any woman? you don't know what she wants. you don't know that she thinks it's okay to be back in the kitchen and pregnant. are you kidding me? she wouldn't be running for president unless she was a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't be getting the people out on the sidelines on the streets in iowa and every
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other state she goes to also she was a strong, powerful woman. >> a woman that started her own business along with her husband and a woman who raised 23 foster kids and her own kids and became leader of congress and the leader of the tea party caucus. it doesn't survive. maybe he can focus on getting the -- >> i say the same thing about any other woman in politics, hillary clinton or anyone else on the other side of the fence. >> ears another one of the michelle bachman derangement syndrome. keep in mind they signed the marriage vow in the state of iowa. it had a preamble up at the top that talk about slavery, she didn't see that apparently and they have since taken that off and apologized. whoopi goldberg went after that big time yesterday on "the view." >> i am starting to feel like
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there is some kind of racial thing going around. now i realize i'm not supposed to jump to that conclusion. i'm not supposed to automatically -- i'm not supposed to automatically assume there is something racial. >> but you have a good point. >> but i am sick of this [bleep]. can you people get your act together? you don't know anything about how slaves raised their kids or why people worked together. just don't add stuff like that if you don't know what you are talking about. number two, white people, black people, asian people, some of us are single parents, some of us turned out okay with single parents, and you know what, stop pointing the finger at single parents. i'm sick of people who don't know what the hell they are talking about going off. >> i think it's interesting when she said stop pointing the finger. >> quit pointing the finger. >> a leader put out the proclamation for everyone to sign. and the candidates they want them to sign this, don't raise
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taxes, promise to walk your dog everyday and promise to be faithful to your sign and that's what michelle bachman signed. this is a family leader organization that put up and one of the lines they had in 1860s they were more apt to have african-american families just coming off family raising children as a man and woman as opposed to today with an african-american president. how that applies to being faithful to your spouse, i'm not sure, but i think it's a jump to conclusion that michelle bachman is talking about slavery shows she didn't even know the issue. >> whoopy, you mean. >> she didn't write it. maybe she shouldn't have signed it, but that was just part of it. >> when you run for president you are an easy target. let's do a couple headlines. two days after a stun gun was found on a jet blue plane at new york airport, police arrested a suspect who two stun
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guns in his bag. the man was headed to germany. he claims he bought them for his relatives in greece because of the unrest there. this was found in the back pocket of a jet blue seat. the task force is investigating how it got there. apparently a lot of stun guns are getting on to airplanes. >> first lady betty fourth's funeral is today. on thursday mrs. ford will be laid to rest beside her husband in grand rapids, michigan, on what would have been hissed 8th birth -- his 98th birthday. >> the casey anthony case straight ahead. ♪
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>> the united states sending pakistan a strong message >> the pakistani relationship is difficult but it must be made to work overtime. but until we get through these difficulties, we will hold back some of the many that the american taxpayers have committed to give. >> some $800 million? >> yep. >> it's a lot of cash but is it a political move. our next guest called out the pakistani government in 2006 claiming they knew osama bin laden in's location. peter thompson joins me. he's the author of the new book "the wars of afghanistan." good to see you. >> thank you. >> i want to get your thoughts we reported that the half-brother of huh mean karzai in afghanistan has been assassinated. how does that affect the relationships? >> he was assassinated by the taliban. this reflects assistmatic policy of the taliban and their isi
6:18 am
handlers, the intelligence organization is i think behind this as well. and also al-qaeda. this policy is a tool to eliminate real and potential enemies of the islamists they want to reimplant back in cob he will. >> so this is a blow to the u.s. in afghanistan? >> yes, and also the destabilization. it's another example of pakistan interference in this area. the senior of military commander, a marine general, told the minnesota media last week that the pakistanis have still not severed the taliban supply lines coming in from pakistan. >> so many were aware of them and what they were up to when bin laden in was captured and
6:19 am
they think wow, did they know about this, were they shielding them. now they are cutting off $800 million s that the right move? >> yes, it is certainly the right move. we should have done is before, ten years late. we should have conditioned the aid and especially the military aid long ago. we should also take other steps. >> like what? >> in 1993 secretary of state baker sent aler to the pakistani prime minister informing him that pakistan was on the watch list to be designated as a terror state by the united states government if it did not change its policy on extremism. the clinton administration came into power the next month and unfortunately six months later they took pakistan off the watch list. and that tool of our policy has not been implemented since. we should seriously consider this. at least three of the religeo-terrorist organization
6:20 am
that the iso works with are considered foreign terrorist organizations and they are working with an official arm of the pakistani government, the pakistani military intelligence, isi, so they would qualify to go on to the watch list. we should warn pakistan first in writing and urge them to close down the organizations that are there. and not only pakistanna but they are training terrorists that strike the west. >> and you have your new book "the wars of afghanistan" which is this thick, folks. a ton of information. thank you. >> thank you. >> and he's a star for a day and he has an answer, is she going to go with him? do you want the deposit switching out your lightbulbs for you? it's up for debate but they said congress can't do it alone. she's here with a call to action.
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♪ i love you more >> i love you more by matthew west. wake up crewmembers onboard the shuttle atlantis. welcome to control room 1 as i'm walking around without permission. today is the one and only walk of the spacewalk. they have extended the operation by one day to july 21st. an army sergeant, as we change gears, first class leroy petri, gets the medal of honor. he threw a grenade away from his
6:25 am
soldiers and saved their lives. second living person to receive the medal in the wars of afghanistan. >> and will it be lights out for the this lightbulb. today they vote on the law to force people to buy this lightbulb. and we are joined by congresswoman. how did it go. >> we thought the debate went great. we went to the floor, we made our points, we had some members show up and help us with this debate. democrats didn't seem quite as enthusiastic about that, and, steve, i think the reason is we have bipartisan support for repealing this ban and letting
6:26 am
people choose to use whatever lightbulb they wish. >> i think you just touched on it there. we doan need the lightbulb police, we don't want the government saying you should buy this six dollar lightbulb rather than the .39 one from the hardware store. >> and you are right. this is big government overreach. it was big washington, a big idea, and it didn't work. we need to get it off the books. just because it's on the books does not make it the right kind of policy. now is the time to say, hey, it was a mistake, let's get it off the books. these bulbs are dangerous, they are filled with mercury and they don't work and like the obama administration, they are too expensive to already. >> i tried reading into one of those things and it's kind after dim, just a glow, it's not bright. >> you are right. >> i understand with the special circumstances regarding this particular vote you need
6:27 am
two-thirds majority in the house. >> that's right. >> you want everybody watching to call their congress person if they support repealing the act, don't you? >> that's exactly right. if you want congress to move in and repeal this ban and step forward and say, hey, d. c. can't force you to buy a certain bulb, the states can't set the standards for a certain bulb, we want to promote individual choice. now is the time for people to reach out and contact their legislators because today we are going to have that vote. >> let's see what happens later on today in the house. congresswoman marsha blackburn from tennessee. thank you. >> you bet. >> and meanwhile, guess who is not ready to die quickly? >> the republican healthcare plan is this, die quickly! that's right, the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> well, he lost quickly.
6:28 am
and that guy now wants his job back. what he's running for now. we will tell you about it straight ahead. then the case that could change everything you thought you knew about the casey anthony verdict. should it be unsealed by the court? we report, you decide. then, will his wish from the battlefield come true? he is answering a soldier's plea for a date, a marine's. [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! ey bacon, mey bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh,ood heavens! bacon! bacon bacon! bacon! who wants a bgin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you.
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>> democrats and republicans still haven't come to any agreement over this, the debt ceiling. have you watched these people? go to c-span and show them arguing. >> i said no! i said no way! >> i said no what? >> i said no! >> you be quiet. >> you be quiet too! >> the kids aren't getting along. >> i think we all have video like that from our houses. >> i wonder if they did their homework, though? remember? the president admonished them
6:33 am
for not doing their homework. >> but i think they did eat their peas. >> do you think there's a pea under the cushion? >> i forgot to take out my pocket pen, i'm sorry. >> oh, my gosh. >> they are trying to come to grips with how to handle grease's debt. >> i don't know if i can continue reading. but anyway, it's not just small countries that are threatened but also large ones like spain and italy. and there are also real implications for our own debt talks. we have stewart varney back to try to link this. i think brian will have to do the interview sitting on the pocket chair. >> you don't have any furniture on you, do you? >> i don't. >> what is going on in europe? looks like the markets are in panic mode there.
6:34 am
>> it's flat out chaos. the germans are refuse to go bale out italy and spain. we are hearing speculation that the european central bank is going to bale out. just think about this, not baling out a couple of banks? these are major countries and they will probably get a bailout. absolute chaos over there and that spills over and has real implications for us over here. >> how? >> okay, they have a rapidly slowing economy there. that will not help us. we have a rapidly slowing economy and a terrible unemployment problem. secondly, our investments are going to suffer. your 401k value down yesterday, probably down today because what have is happening in europe. but the big impact is probably going to be on these debt talks over here. we are looking at europe, and we see absolute chaos and panic in their financial markets because, in part, they have overspent. they have spent to the moon, and they can't pay it back. same story here.
6:35 am
and now you've got these debt talks getting towards a very close deadline. surely the panic in europe will put pressure on something has got to give and got to happen here. probably the president has to come up with some firm specific spending cuts. it's going to put pressure on him. >> portugal, spain, greece, now italy. >> yes. >> the solvent countries are the ones baling out the other countries. how much can countries like germany absorb? >> that's a very good question. if you are talking about a whole country like italy and/or spain going belly up, they have what, $6.3 trillion in debt. all of that has to be bailed out. you can't do that. >> they should have been careful who they got into business with. >> it's crunch time. it's happening there and we are looking at it. we are going in a similar direction. >> and fox business network is 9:20 today.
6:36 am
>> yes, sir. >> i'll join you. >> looking forward to it. >> and now the headlines. >> a man being served an arrest warrant opens fire on police in indiana before being shot himself. officer brent long died after being airlifted to the hospital a few hours after being shot. his k-9 partner also killed. he is a six year veteran of the force. he leaves behind a wife and now children. >> before navy seals shot and killed bin laden in, they tried to get his dna by using a vaccine drive. they set up a vaccination in the town where he was hiding. the pakistani doctor who headed up that vaccine slot, guess what happened to him or her? reportedly arrested by the
6:37 am
pakistani military after the raid. >> look who is trying to get his old job back, congressman allen gracen, he got voted out of office after his rant. >> the republican healthcare plan is this, die quickly! that's right, the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> he kicked off his campaign last night calling his fellow democrats, quote, weenies" for agreeing to cut entitlement perhaps. >> ask and you should receive. he posted this video on youtube for actress. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day. yours truly. >> wow. kunas and justin timberlake were promoting the upcoming movie when she learned about the video. >> he invite you had to the marine corps ball.
6:38 am
>> it is like november or something. >> november what? >> i'll go. >> i'll work on this for you, man. this needs to be down. this needs to happen. >> okay. >> do it for your country. >> i'll do it for you. >> wow. well, mila apparently going to the ball now. that is fantastic news for sergeant moore. she's single and he's definitely single and it could be a match made in heaven. >> the marine ball over in north carolina. and a rarity. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. let's talk about the casey anthony video you did not see. evidently a judge ruled in the middle of last year to seal a verdict up because it would be inflammatory and would have prevented casey anthony from a fair trial, her right. >> it was surveillance video -- she was in jail at the time -- showed the moment she learned that a body, presumably her daughter, was found in a swamp not far from her house. what was her reaction?
6:39 am
she immediately doubled over and started convulsing, heaper ventilating. the judge, judge perry, said that that video was so inflammatory he was not going to allow the jury to see it. well now channel 6 down in orlando has filed with the judge and said, okay, now that the trial is over, let's see it. the judge is trying to figure out whether or not we should. >> i'm wondering if she's convulsing and hyperventilating, i mean, would that show that she was surprised that they found a body? >> yep. >> would that show that -- i mean, is it linked because they hadn't determine it was caylee yet, that she shouldn't have maybe had that reaction? help me out with this. how is it inflammatory she has to reaction, so inflammatory that the injure could not see it? >> i guess we are assuming, that could look like a legitimate grieving mom finding out it happened, it's real, she's dead. but the indication by the video seems she's upset by the fact that she looks like --
6:40 am
>> like the jig is up. i think other times she was told it and there was no whereabouts of the body, and there was no reaction and suddenly they found a body and it was like, whew. >> the judge has seen it and theycy it's extremely telling and inflammatory. >> why wouldn't that be an important part of the trial? >> i don't know. but it probably wouldn't matter because they couldn't get to murder. juror number 11 -- hard to keep them straight -- but the foreman, he gave more insight to greta last night. here's his answers. >> i thought george had very selective memory in the whole regard. i thought that george at times could remember something to be as vivid as it just happened the day before, the way he described a number of things that happened
6:41 am
on june 15th would be one example. he could tell you everything that happened, he could tell you everything that everybody was wearing, he could tell you the show they were watching, the topic they were on, but then you go and he's questioned on a gas can and i don't know if you remember the whole situation with the can and how long it took for that whole scenario to play out. he couldn't remember which can or -- and we had to go back and forth. him and the defense went back and forth as to which picture he was shown when he was really only shown one. and he went back and forth on that. he had very selective memory for me. >> yeah, the guy, as george said, he didn't believe the molestation charges were valid but thought there was something suspicious about him. >> and juror number 12, a woman worked at a public grocery down there, she's left her job and town, she's getting out because she can't take the pressure.
6:42 am
she's worried her fellow employees at publix down there are going to hold that jury verdict against her. >> we will have what she said. >> arnold didn't wait long. that's right, he's back. >> are your eggs cage-free? do you only eat organic? one said don't fall into that trap, green is code for gross. >> really? [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea?
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not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. >> some quick headlines now. the federal food police warning you to halt the salt. the government study shows the risk of eating too much salt and too much potassium. but another study said cutting
6:46 am
salt does not reduce the risk of heart disease. you make the call. and a week after his love child scandal, arnold schwarzenegger officially back in show biz. he will start a western called "the last stand." it's his first movie since 2003. ask a western with an as austrin accent. great. >> so many foods claim to be good for you. >> but the next guest says hold it because there are dirty details with going green. this man is with the center for consumer freedom. good morning. >> good morning. >> people think green, good. you say green, gross. >> i think it's becoming a little bit of a marketing game mick a lot of people in the green movement are giving marketers a pass when it comes to these products. >> let's talk about reusable bag. go to the grocery store now and people want you to not use the
6:47 am
plastic bags anymore, bring your own bags. what's wrong with that some. >> we did a test, tested 44 bags from around the country to see if they had excess levels of heavy metals. one forth of them had heavy metals that would mac them illegal. and think about it, you put the dripping checken breast in your bag and toss a red pepper in and you don't put it in a plastic bag and it is a recipe for creating contamination. >> next time you put the wonder bread back in there, it's covered with it. let's talk about cage free eggs. we hear those are good for you. >> the egg industry said they would move away from smaller cages and move to goinger ones but that doesn't suit some people. the trouble is an egg laying out in the middle of a pasture or a chicken pecking on worms, turns out, the study suggests, those will have a higher quantity of bacteria in them because it's
6:48 am
not raised in a way they know what's in them. >> same thing with vegetables grown in the ground. >> right. >> and now organic they use manure. >> it's the ick in organic, and usda has done a good job of increasing regulations about when they can put it on there. would you rather have something fertilized with a sterile fertilizer or manure? there's something to be considered. what is important there's a study that came out in the u. k. that said there is no nutritional difference between organic and conventional and they are trying to close the book on it. >> and agva has more sugar than high fructose corn syrup. this has the halo of being all natural and good for you and people are demon nicing corn syrup. in the end a sugar is a sugar.
6:49 am
>> i didn't know the new craze was raw milk. what is it? >> it's milk that hasn't been pasturized and people talk about it as it is illicit thing, but you are more likely to get dangerous bacteria. we've been pasturizing milk for a long time for a screen now you have the hip center food trendy people who say you have never tasted real milk until you have tasted real milk. give me a break. >> justin wilson joining us from the dc area, reminding us to think twice when we see the green label. >> have a nice day. >> he shot and killed an intrudener self-defense he claims but now he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. is that fair? we report, you decide. >> and he knew about the plan to sell guns to drug dealers in mexico that went horribly wrong.
6:50 am
should he lose his job? judge andrew napolitano has an interesting prediction next.
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6:52 am
6:53 am
>> there are growing calls for attorney general eric holder to resign after new evidence emerges he knew a lot more than he claims he did about the failed, fast and furious weapons program. in 2009 he actually bragged to mexican authorities about expanding the program. he said, quote, my department is committed 100 new atm personnel to the southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing project, gun runner." but he testified he was just learning about the program. joining us now, an analyst with discerning any, judge knapp. judge, where better -- judge napolitano. >> where are we headed to this. >> i think administration
6:54 am
problems for the administration is a professional problem for eric holder. if eric holder misled congress while under oath when he said he knew nothing about the gun runner program and we now know that he knew about it, he could be force today resign, he could use his license to practice law, he could even be prosecuted because he was under oath at the time. brian, these with would be same allegations against eric holder that the justice department is trying roger clemens for, not telling the truth to congress while testifying. >> you know what could be his on doing, the obama administration is not going along with the song and dance, is he? >> no. here's another one. the family of brian terry, the border patrol agent who was murdered by a mexican gang which probably used one of the guns that the federal government let slip into mexico, has filed a
6:55 am
lawsuit against the federal government. guess who they will call as a witness in a deposition in the testimony before the trial? eric holder. he will be compelled to state in that proceeding what he knew and when he knew it and who else knew about it. that may very well be his undoing. >> here, judge, let's look at this. every program starts, the intention is to stop the trafficking of guns into mexico. what is wrong with putting forward a bad program? >> well this, is a program which, in retrospect, is insane. >> i agree with you. >> you have some of the most dangerous people in the world in mexico on the mexican-united states border and you are going to permit them to get some of the best weaponry in the world so you can trace the ball let's? think about it, you are going to trace the ball let's after they are shot. why would the ball let's be shot? in order to kill people. the government is doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do. instead of keeping the border safe, they made it more dangerous and now the government is lying about it. >> and the horse has left the barn. he's already denied knowing
6:56 am
about it. >> yes. one of these stories is true, either he knew about it or he didn't. >> judge, i love when you do that game -- one. stories is true. it's a great way to tend. but this is true, you are host of freedom watch and we will be watching tonight. torso and all. when did you become humble? >> just for a second. and straight ahead, a frustrated president obama wants to get back to work so badly he's telling reporters to hit the road. and the first lady gives us a lesson in healthy eating. a big juicy burger, fries and a shake to the tune of nearly 1600-calories.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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6:59 am
>> top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, july 12th. thanks for sharing your time with us today.
7:00 am
it's gretchen carlson. could it be a setback for nature toe troops in afghanistan? karzai's government shot and killed in cold blood. what it means for our mission now. >> call him the parental president. >> it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the bandaid, eat our peas. >> but can he force-feed the gop a diet of more spending? >> meanwhile he killed a crook, but he is the one locked up. a pharmacist going to prison for life for protecting himself and his business. does that sound fair to you? we will tell you all about what went down in that pharmacy. for tuesday, fox and friends starting right now. >> we begin your tuesday morning with a fox news alert because
7:01 am
fox can now confirm that the half-brother of afghan president karzai was killed. the younger karzai was a powerful person in the region. he had ties to the drug trade and was on the cia pay roll at one point." it's feared his death could create more violence in the area. taliban accepting responsibility for his death. but you have to wonder right now, we had a guest on earlier in the 6:00 hour that said he was a key figure in the southern part of afghanistan and he believed this was a blow to the american mission in afghanistan. >> one minute now after the top of the hour. it happened yesterday and it will happen again today. i'm talking about direct talks between congressional leaders and the united states taking place in the white house. at stake the financial survival of our economy, perhaps, if you listen to the treasury
7:02 am
secretary. what went on, what's going to be cut? will the republicans give into a tax increase? so far i would have to say there's no budging among leadership eric cantor and john boehner. but the president seems to be moving away from his party when it comes to entitlements if you believe what he said. >> and if you believe some of the stories that are circulating. he's goading a lot of pressure from his base or the house members who are democrats. what is he kidding? we around going to cut social security and stuff like that. if you missed the duel press conferences, first the president of the united states and then john boehner, we can boil it down. president said we have to have a big deal. i'm not going to take an interim deal, i'm not going to kick the can down the road for three or six months, whatever. i'm going to kick it down past election. let's do it now. lessen. >> it's not going to get easier, it's going to get harder. so we might at well could it now. pull off the bandaid, eatour
7:03 am
peas. now is the time to do it. if not now, when? i'm prepared to stay on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if they mean what they say. >> ding, ding, ding. did all the independents hear that line? that was intended for you and i think it was effective if you were watching the press conference and you are thinking, wow, the president said he's not going to mind taking heat from his own party. in fact on the inside he suggested he would raise the medicare age from 65 to 67. would he really do that in i think that was a clear and precise message to the independents in this country, who decide all elections, that he is willing to come across the isle. and also a congressman that
7:04 am
florida said he believes john boehner is doing a good job for the republicans because he's standing firm. >> i think one of the good things we are seeing right now is a are very frustrated president. that lets me know the speaker is going in there and standing up for some of the principles we want to be enacted as far as the debt limit. >> they have freed to $1.2 trillion in cuts. and they are up around just shy of 2 trillion. everyone says go home and come up with 4.2 trillion. his words are 4 trillion in cuts but that would have to be accompanied by tax revenue. and keep in mind he said minus any tax increase is revenue. he doesn't think he can get a single vote. the president is taking heat is different from getting votes. he feels he can persuade his caucus to go along with it? >> good luck with that. there were a couple other
7:05 am
interesting things, very revealing things. chip reed asked him during the press conference, he said can you explain why 70% of the country said don't raise the debt limit in a cbs poll some the president insinuated whoever asked that poll did kind of a crazy, put the words in a certain way to get that response. then the president presented a good question that he said i would get a really big number on that. we look to find out exactly what the question cbs asked that was so tricky that 69% said no. they simply asked should the debt ceiling be raised. 69% said no. where is the tricky part there? >> the other interesting thing the president said yesterday is he seems to not care about the money that he's made, whether it's been through book deals or other ways that he's been able to have a nice income. listen to this and see, maybe he just said the words in a confusing way but it's an interesting piece of information.
7:06 am
>> i do not want, and i will not accept, a deal in which i am asked to do nothing. in fact, i'm able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income that i don't need, while a parent out there who is struggling to figure out how to send their kid to college suddenly finds they have a couple thousand dollars less in grants or students loan. >> i think it's a joe the plumber moment when joe plumber said, you know, should you spread it around, spread the wealth around. think in a way the president's true feelings came out. he came from nowhere, humble beginnings and now two time best-selling author and now president. but if he is able to keep his money after being taxed at 35 to 39% of his income, and he gets to keep the income, what do you mean you don't need it? you can start a nonprofit, can give it away, give it to the government but since when do you have to get rid of money and who
7:07 am
decides what you need and don't need? >> his answer is government. >> just give it back. >> and the insinuation is everyone else should feel the way the president feels, they don't need it, they should hand it out. i think it's a difference in philosophy. democrats think the government will help people who immediate help and republicans think they want to have the personal choice of who they give their money to to help, like to charities and stuff. it's a difference in philosophy. >> it sounds a little bit like wealth redistribution, clear and simple. what do you think? are we reading too much into it? friends at >> now two days after a stun gun was found at a jet blue plane at the new york airport, police arrested a man with two stun guns in his luggage. 593-year-old was head today germany. he claims he bought them for his relatives in greece because of the unrest going on there. this incident not believed to be
7:08 am
related to this stun gun, skied as a phone found in a back pocket after jet blue seat. they are investigating how that got there and how he was going to bring it on the plane. former presidents george w. bush and clinton paying their respects to first lady betty ford today. first lady michelle obama and hillary clinton and carter also attending the desert. mrs. ford will be laid to rest thursday beside her husband, gerald ford, in grand rapids, michigan, in what would have been his 98th birthday. >> sweltering temps gripping parts of the country this week. dallas has seen at least 100-degree heat for ten days in a row. advisories for much of the east coast where temperatures are expected in the upper 90s. but it will feel at hot as 105 when you factor in the humidity. pain has spread across 14 states from florida to arizona where
7:09 am
severe water restrictions are in place, hurting crops and live stocks. wickky leaks founder is back in courted to fighting accusations of sex crimes. he is afraid if he's sent to sweden he could be sent to the united states or guantanamo bay for posting classified documents on the internet. he's under house arrest. he threw a party. he invited celebs but they all apparently snubbed him. >> wiki-snub. let's tell you about what's going on down to oklahoma. there is a fellow that worked in a pharmacy, he was convicted of first-degree murder in may and yesterday he was sentenced to life in prison. this is why. a couple of teenagers came into that pharmacy and held him up. well, he pulled out a gun, and
7:10 am
he shot one of them in the head and then chased the other one away. then he runs around the counter, gets a gun, and then apparently shot a guy who was laying on the ground five more times. >> right. so this guy, after people see that video, they decide he deserved life in prison, that he went over the top. that those guys were going to be leaving without him shooting them. do you feel, is this the right decision? is the right guy in prison right now? >> one of the interesting things i think is up for debate, and there you see the alleged teen there -- it was a teenager, it was a 15-year-old. i don't know how that factored into the jury's mind. what made is complicated is he went back and fired the five other shots. >> but he was laying on the ground. >> and we just had the pharmacy murders a couple weeks ago. >> executions. >> and four people were killed because of the increase in people being addicted to
7:11 am
prescription drugs has skyrocketed in this country. you have to wonder what kind of danger this puts pharmacists in and people in general who work in drug stores. >> it's simple. if you come in with a gun to hold me or anybody else up into your store, all pets are off. do whatever you can to survive and how are you supposed to put yourself in that person's position, saying, okay, now you should stop. excuse me, you are in the war mode. you almost got killed. your livelihood is at stake. now you have to shut it off? >> the governor has received a petition with 17,000 names on it where they say, look, you have to pardonnen this guy or do something about his sentence. what do you think about that? e-mail us. there's the governor right there. e-mail us at >> should the casey anthony verdict be unsealed by the court? a prosecutor weighs in for us next. >> hold on tight, a man nearly falls from the stands in his quest to catch a home run ball a closer look at the video, and
7:12 am
the fans who saved that guy. >> days after someone died doing the same thing. k9 advantix ii.
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so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit >> what they are talking about in florida now, it could be a bombshell piece of evidence. a jailhouse piece of video of casey anthony reacting it reports that achilleas body had been found in a swamp near her home. it was originally sealed by the judge for the possibility it would compromise her right to a fair trial but now it could be released because a local tv station down in orlando is asking for it. former u.s. attorney for south florida joins us live this morning from miami.
7:16 am
good morning, sir. >> good morning to you. >> why would judge perry take this particular bit of evidence away from the prosecution and not show it to the jury? >> well, the judge, prior to judge perry, decided it was simply too inflammatory and not relevant enough to guilt or innocence because a parent's reaction could be dramatic even in innocent. judge perry was upholding the right to a fair trial. but that's over now. florida has a strong records act. i suspect the video will be coming out sooner rather than later. >> and apparently in the video when she hears the news she doubles over and starts to hyperventilate. in the judge's estimates, very inflammatory. >> and what we are fascinated to know, will this show the reaction of a grief-stricken mother or the shock of an alleged criminal knowing evidence of the alleged crime has now been discovered? >> once they run it, they can't use it against her.
7:17 am
there is no double jeopardy in this country. >> there is no evidence in the world that could be used to put her back on trial for murder. >> indeed. let's talk about a little of the juror fallout. i know greta last night talked to one of the jurors, the foreman. we will hear from him in a moment. but juror number 12, a 60-year-old woman who worked at a publix grocery store there in that neck of the woods quit her job because she was afraid what other employees at publix was going to think about her because she returned part of the not guilty verdict. what do you think about that? >> agree with the verdict or not, jurors in our system deserve thanks north harassment. but what it does do is underscores the massive disconnect between the court of public opinion and what was decided inside the courtroom in this case. at the same time i'm concerned that in future high profile emotional cases people are going to be even more reluctant to
7:18 am
serve as jurors given the incredible backlash to this verdict. >> apparently she told her husband and her husband repeated it to jurors, i would rather go to jail than sit on a jury like this again. >> and the foreman, he spoke to greta last night. he, too, worried about his security. so they shot his picture from behind. can't tell who he is, didn't use the name. but they talked about george anthony, the father's character, and thought he was sketchy. listen. >> thought he could be possibly lying, also the fact that his involvement was going to be in question because he was there. he was there on the 15th. you know, he can tell you exactly when casey and caylee left. how do we know that that is right? so it questioned a lot for us. it really questioned a lot. >> so many questions about the father these days. now he's walking around trying to have a normal life and he can't have it. people are taking pictures of
7:19 am
him when he's at the swimming tool. >> what was so amazing to me, steve, when the defense tried to put the matter on trial. you heard the accusations, they had nothing to back it up. many thought that strategy was going to backfire. but guess what, simply putting it out there, loose notions of suspicion, seemed to have paid off with this injure. he wasn't convicted or found of anything specifically wrong but there were suspicion interests that may have contributed to reasonable doubt. >> you never know. thank you for joining us live from miami. >> thanks, steve. >> next on the run down for "fox and friends" on this tuesday, the first lady promotes healthy leading so why is she loading up her plate with burger, fries and a shake some and then could our debt use a little divine intervention? >> i'm just taking the question and say what would jesus do? >> charlie wrangell is going to
7:20 am
tell us what what would jesus do. and does he have the bible on his side? we will talk to him live next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you like who you are... the man you've become. and you learned something along the way. about the world. and yourself. ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. and knowing how to get things done.
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7:23 am
>> $7,200, that's what the recession cost americans in lost consumption. 7300 bucks. >> and the tickets requests for the memorial day trade center, 24,000. it had so many requests at one time the website nearly crashed.
7:24 am
and 1700, that was how many calories was in this meal michelle obama ordered. the first lady said receipting yourself occasionally to a big meal like that is okay as long as you do it in moderation. >> and the talk show, steve, a host and former catholic priest who decided to leave the catholic church and get married and raise a family. it was a controversial decision, but he's using his decisions to help others watch. >> oh, i don't believe in love at first sight, you know, you have to really think about it. i thought exactly the way you thought. you know what? when i experienced love at first sight, everything changed for me. and i hope you get there. i hope you get there. >> and a show that you did in spanish for a while. father, you are now doing it in english. congratulations on that. >> thank you so much. >> how are you helping people with that? are you using religion to help people through everyday problems.
7:25 am
>> we use common sense advice, use experts that come on. i know people are used to seeing doctors and psychologists but obviously this is a priest talk show. we help people about whatever angle they are coming on. it's not a show about religion us views but a show about problems and dilemmas. >> you were a catholic priest and now you are an -- >> i am a priest and i happen to be conduct ago talk show. to address differently would be disingenuous, too. this is who i am. >> something else popped up. we are in the deficit talk and usually religion is separate. i was shocked to see the veteran congressman, charles rangel, bring up the lord and jesus when talking about the deficit ceiling. listen. >> what would jesus do?
7:26 am
what would jesus do this weekend? show matter where the meetings are being held, in the back room, the cloakroom of the white house, there has to be some other feeling that the vulnerable people in the united states of america are going to be heard. >> where wrote jesus like the deficit killing to be. >> tell you the truth, i never like when politicians use the holy name of god or jesus to impose their political views. jesus is not a democrat, jesus is not a republican, jesus isn't into any political party. jesus is about love. it's unfortunate when you see people using god to kind of promote their political agenda. so i was surprised when i saw it, but at the same time i think people get desperate and they are willing to use anything to get a message out there but i think it was a wrong message. >> and you mentioned something disturbed you. 16% of the country don't subscribe to my religion at all.
7:27 am
when they talk about it, is it counter productive to spreading religion throughout society. >> i think totally. people are feeling manipulated like they aren't given the freedom to think for themselves. this is part of the problem in our society today. people say they used bible, by the way, to support every political issue and agenda that they want to promote. and when you do that, you are basically doing the same thing that the extremists do that we condemn everyday for being extreme terrorists and whatever. you are using a holy book to promote an agenda that may not be in the holy book. >> thank you so much. congratulations. you have a five week run on the fox situation ofs. when do we see you. >> every day we are here in new york. it's on at noon here but different times in different markets. we start monday. >> check your local listings. >> that's the best. >> thank you. look forward to seeing you on tv.
7:28 am
>> thank you. >> and marco rubio said it's simple to raise revenue without raising taxes. and then a man nearly falls from the stands in his quest to catch the home run ball at the home run derby. a closer look at the video and another look from below. just days ago a man died from doing the exact same thing. ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ]
7:29 am
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♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ >> president obama's staff at the white house got raises this year. the average raise is 8%, more than double the average for regular americans, which is 3%. but in all fairness, many of them will be unemployed next november. >> i don't think the audience liked that one too much. >> we cut off the response. >> we did. they how old. >> all -- howled. >> all right. from howling to headlines.
7:33 am
the horrible cruise ship sinking, divers report seeing dozens of bodies in a room on the ship. most of those are believed to be kids. right now the death toll stands at 63. 64 are missing. the boat was packed at 208 people. 75% over capacity. no word yet on why it was so over capacity. >> a neighbor alert right now in the state of maryland after witnesses reportedly saw two suspects abducting an 8-year-old boy from his baltimore neighborhood. missing child is derek charles brown jr. he's about 3 feet, 5 inches call and last seen wearing black shirt and black t-shirt with a picture of a rocket on front. the two men were in a light green ford taurus with maryland license plates. if you have any information, dial 911. >> look at all that. part after drug smuggling
7:34 am
operation. >> a pot pyramid. >> right. 23 people have been indicted -- >> sorry about that. >> indicted in connection with the drug cartel. they are accused from taking the drugs mexico to colorado on bogus tour buses. 18 are in custody and the other five are believed to be in mexico. >> crewmembers on the space shuttle atlantis getting their backup call for a crucial day of the mission ♪ i love you more than the sun and the stars ♪ >> that's the song by matthew west. they are in their space suits getting ready for the space mission's first and only spacewalk schedule today get underway in about an hour. they will retrieve a failed pump and install parts on the spacestation. n.a.s.a. has extended the mission by one day. they will be up there until july 21st. >> the bonus round. >> and coast-to-coast
7:35 am
weather-wise, you can see we've had a little bit of rain activity in the mid-atlantic. and also some thunderstorms through northern portions of the great state of nebraska into southern portions of south dakota, now working their way into southern reaches of minnesota, as well. central plane states currently are dry, although the little bit of rain activity in the panhandle of oklahoma and texas. as you step out the door, as you see, temperatures for the most part in the upper 60s, the 70s or the 80s. but stand by, folks, it's going to get really hot later today. in addition to the hot, there's going to be a lot of humidity and the real-feelin' decks will be way north of 100 in a lot of spots, including in new york city. today's daytime high 91, and factor in the humidity, north of 100. it will be 100 degrees in raleigh, same for memphis and dallas and texas and san antonio and kansas city and in chicago today 87.
7:36 am
meanwhile today speaking of chicago, take a look at some of the images. there you see some of the storms that moved through that area. flipped over some airplanes, downed some trees and power lines, as well. on this tuesday morning out in the withindy city they have evidence that it is, indeed, from time to time a very windy city. >> doing the right thing and paying for it, literally. you heard christian lopez on our show yesterday. he gave derek jeter back his ball where he hit his 3,000th hit. it was a home run after catching it on saturday. he says he has no regrets even though he could have sold the ball for almost $500,000. but guess what, the irs could tax him 14,000 for the free tickets he got from jeter in return for being a good guy. goes to show you take the money and run. at the home run derby it was supposed to be the american league versus the national league but it was the red sox
7:37 am
verse yankees. final round adrian gonzalez. and first robinson cano. hears gonzales, gone! he had a huge final round with 11 homers. but the derby belonged to the second baseman, who had his dad pitch to hip. he hit 1 bomb of a another. one went 472 feet. metric a lot longer. this blast gives him the win. his dad gave him a huge hug. his dad, by the way, also looks in phenomenal shape. rigged? by a true angry met fan. one guy wanted a souvenir a little too badly. watch this incredible save of a man. the guy in the top right is dangling from the rail. he was trying to catch the prince fielder homework but his brother and friend held on to him for dear life. he already caught three homers but wanted the fourth. it would have been about a 20-foot fall.
7:38 am
he might have survived. a ranger's fan died last week trying to catch a ball tossed by a player. he felt face first and fell to his death. funeral took place yesterday. a firefighter, evidently a great guy. and then this happens 48 hours later. >> bad. >> coming up on radio between nine and noon, jennifer grif finish and tim scott of south carolina and juan williams will be joining us to talk about the late west the deficit. >> let's move on to this. a video put out by the jerusalem center for public affairs, shows how vulnerable israel would be if they returned to the boarders that president obama suggested back in may. >> the growing threat of jihad near the the the borders. when they left it became a highway for flow of terrorists
7:39 am
and flow of weaponry from all over the arab world aimed at the civilians. >> it makes it so easy to understand. he is president of the jerusalem center for public affairs and former ambassador to the united nations. dory, thank for joining us. our president has said we have to go back to the 1967borders and mutually agree to swaps. i know your prime minister yesterday said they would like restart the stalled peace talks tomorrow. is our press's suggestion a good one or do you think that's a bad idea? >> well, i can tell you we also conducted a poll at the jerusalem center for public affairs of israeli public opinion. we found, using israel's largest pollster, that 77% of israelis oppose a withdrawal to the 1967 lines for very good reasons, because israel, with the west bank, is only 44 miles wide.
7:40 am
you take away the west bank completely, and you push us back to the '67 lines, israel is only 8 miles wide and is basically in defensible. >> what does the prime minister of israel say to you after he met with president obama? because they had a meeting, and you know per than anyone, and the president in this country said that about going back to the 1967borders before he was meeting with netanyahu. who was his reaction? >> we have frankly our differences over this issue of the '67 lines. when the united states security council dealt with this issue after the six-day war 44 years ago, it never said israel had to fully withdraw to the '67 lines. it talked about secure and recognized boundaries and that's what israel hopes to achieve in negotiation was the palestinians. >> i have to ask you, ambassador, what you think about wanting your neighbors on the boarder, and that is sierra,
7:41 am
with the growing heights between you. the president yesterday green lighted the storage of our embassy over there, trying to teach our ambassador a lesson for supporting about i showing up with the protestters. do you want to see, is it the state of israel, would they hike to see him ousted from power? >> certainly israel has no love of their president. he's completely in the camp of iran. in fact, many people who are now attacking the syrian population are being directed by iranian revolutionary guards who are stationed on the soil. had they come down, we would have had the iranians, as well as the syrians, next to the sea of galilee. good we have defensible borders to our east. >> thank you very much, sir, for joining us live from jerusalem.
7:42 am
>> my pleasure. >> marco lube go scratching his head over the debate in washington. he says he has an easy fix. would he run for president or for vice president in twelve? some are speculating it's a done deal. >> are you looking for work or know somebody look for work? coming up, the top five chris -- countries hiring today all across the country. hi, anne.
7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:46 am
companies, cheryl. you say are hiring today. >> and they are hiring at the airports. they are number one when it comes to looking for college graduates. if you are a college graduates and you are struggling to find a job, they are great if you want to get management experience. >> 8,500 grads are. >> they want to hire. >> they want to hire 8,000 five hundred? >> yeah. >> they are looking for a lot of positions now and it's not just manager, the counter, service center, it's also mechanics. if you know how to fix a car. he have this to manage the fleet, 500,000 plus vehicles. they are also global, all over the united states and they are looking all over. if you need a job, definitely look to this one, this is the number one choice. >> and also cracker barrel, the restaurant many people are familiar with, they are hiring. >> dan evans is a fascinating story. he was an oil tycoon back in the
7:47 am
'70s, and he realized families on the go don't have a good place to stop. now they are looking for everything, and they have the gift side of the business as well. the online side of the business as well. and because more people are driving this summer in particular because of the high travel costs, the recession, unemployment rate at 9.2%, take your pick what's going on in the economy, they are doing well and looking to open more stores. >> looks like in 8 states. and verizon hiring for entry level positions. >> entry level and also look for engineers. verizon is a fascinating story. they could be the dark horse against at&t at this point. public company, you get stock options. they are looking for folks who not only work on the land line side but the wireless side. they have big government contracts. a lot of major corporations
7:48 am
still use land lines and the the data network is strong for a lot of major companies across the country. and again stock. you have healthcare coverage and stock options if you work for this company. and entry level is a good joys for this one as well. >> one people want is all the benefits that come with that job. chipotle is looking to hire people but they offer full benefits. >> what can they not do at this point? they only opened back in 1993. they now are across the country. they are looking to open more stores. they give you dental, they give you vision, they give you full healthcare and they are a public company. you have the option toen roll in the employee stock program. again, they have become really the name in the casual dining space. again, a fascinating name for someone if you want to work up through the ranks. >> and if are you have cable, and you do if you are listening
7:49 am
to us, listen to fox news at noon today. >> we will be talking about jobs. topic number one, guys. >> thank you, cheryl. >> thank you. >> and is marco rubio thinking about a run for vice president? some say it could be a done deal. >> and we surrender. see the illegals on the beach? they got stranded halfway and guess who they called for help? . . they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli
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7:52 am
>> a stalemate as the republicans reject president obama's plan to raise taxes during a recession. >> american people understand that tax hikes destroy job. as senator rubio said last week,
7:53 am
we don't need more taxes, what we need are more taxpayers. >> and marco rubio from florida, republican, joins me now. good to see you, senator. >> good morning. >> i have seen your ad and what you say we are being sold the wrong message we need a balanced approach in regard to the debt talks, what way? >> we can't possibly raise enough taxes even if we wanted to, not enough to even make a dent on the debt. the only way to generate revenue is to grow the economy to create jobs. that's what i mean i say what we need are not new taxes, what we need are new taxpayers, what we need is job creation and more people working and more people working means more people paying taxes. the way you do that is through regulatory reform and simplifying the tax code. you lower the rate for everybody by getting rid of the exceptions. >> and i don't know if you her
7:54 am
the president before another round of debt talks yesterday but he sounded like he was appealing to the end depends out there. and he was willing to raised medicare age from 65 to 67. do you believe him? >> all i can tell you that's where the money is in terms of on the negotiations side and the spending side. it's not just about balancing the budget, it's about saving the programs. medicare is going bankrupt. medicare can't continue the way it is now because it is going bankrupt. it is an important program. anybody who is going to leave it the way it is now, it will go bankrupt. >> the rumbling is that many members of the house do not believe that the august 2nd deadline is a true hard-and-fast deadline and that they will never pass, they will never have enough votes to pass a debt limit increase. what do you know about that? >> i don't know anything about
7:55 am
the deadline. if the treasury said it's august 2nd, it's august 2nd because in my mind we can't deal with it soon enough. to me it's not about the debt limit. it's about the fact that our government, the government of the united states every year spends 1.5 trillion of money it doesn't have. that's what this is about to me. the debt limit is an opportunity to deal with that. way todel with that is to control spending through a spending cap, real cuts now ask a balanced budget amendment and then grow our economy, new jobs, new taxpayers and not new taxes. that will generate revenue to pay down the debt, but not tax increases. no tax increase that's big enough to pay down the debt. >> i know you are relatively new to the political seen but dick morris, who used to work in the clinton administration, is now a fox news contributor. he says you are a shoe-in for the vice presidential nomination. listen to this. >> no question. this is an arranged marriage. they have chosen the groom to be
7:56 am
named later. we need to carry the latino vote, we need to carry florida, and marco rubio is a superstar. >> is that true? >> well, that's a nice compliment but it's not rue. i'm not the vice presidential nominee, i will focus on my job as the senator from florida. the job of being senator is an important job. >> you would say no if somebody asked you. >> i'm not the vice presidential nominee, this is the job i wanted. it's the job i ran for. i'm happy to be here no work on this and that's why i can make a difference. that's why i'm with you this morning because i desperately believe we need to create job. issue one is jobs, not the debt limit. i can make a difference. >> senator rubio, republican senator from florida. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i am sick of this [bleep]. would you people get your act together? >> so what makes conservative women politicians so different?
7:57 am
dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. tuesday, july 12. thanks for sharing your time with us. i'm gretchen carlson. we begin with a fox news alert. overnight, afghan hamid karzai's brother was assassinated. now the taliban claims it's taking the lead in that country, so what does that mean for our war on terror? >> steve: the president's fed up. he wants washington back to work so he is showing reporters the door. >> all right, guys. this is the same shot you had yesterday. >> steve: okay. so do we know which side will budge, which side will blink? that's straight ahead? >> brian: the former ceo of godfathers pizza also the godfather of gospel? ♪ >> brian: herman cain's hidden talent revealed.
8:01 am
no, that's not rick santorum. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, hope you're having a great tuesday. let's kick off this hour with some headlines because we have a fox news alert to tell you about. that is the half brother of afghan brother hamid karzai has been assassinated. he was killed in his home in kandahar by one of his own bodyguards. the younger karzai was one of the most powerful figures in the southern region of that country. he reportedly had ties to the drug trade and was also on the c.i.a. payroll at one point. earlier we were joined by afghanistan expert peter thompson who calls karzai's death a blow to the u.s. effort. >> this reflects a systematic policy of the taliban and their isi handlers, the intelligence organization, is, i think, behind this as well.
8:02 am
and also al-qaeda. this policy is a tool to eliminate real and potential enemies of the islamists, that they want to reimplant. >> gretchen: president karzai says his brother's death reflects the suffering of all afghan people. two days ago, a stun gun was found on a jet blue plane. now police arrested a passenger at jfk trying to board a flight with two stun guns in his luggage. the suspect, 53-year-old man, claims he brought them, along with him, because he was going to give them to his relatives in greece because of all the unrest there. but this incident not believed to be related to this stun gun you're seeing disguised as a cell phone. that was found in the back pocket of a jet blue seat. the f.b.i.'s joint terrorism task force investigating how it got there. former president george w. bush and bill clinton among the many dignitaries paying their respects to former first lady betty ford today. first lady michelle obama,
8:03 am
secretary of state hillary clinton, and former first lady, nancy reagan and ross lynn carter are attending the funeral service in california. on thursday, she will be laid to rest beside her husband, gerald ford, in grand rapid, michigan, on what would have been his 98th birthday. a group of illegal immigrants trying to sneak into the u.s. gave up and called 911 after being stranded on california's santa cruz island for days. the 15 mexicans were picked up by a coast guard ship and taken to shore where they're expected now to be deported. herman cain's hidden talent revealed. 15 years before he became a republican presidential candidate, he errorred a gospel album called "sunday morning." some leaked on-line. ♪ god's been so good to me ♪
8:04 am
♪ . >> gretchen: he has a voice, too. congratulations. the songs were posted on a web site called "draft >> steve: very nice. republicans head to the white house again today for a third day. they're show up around 3:45 for talks about raising the debt ceiling. wendell goler is already there with the preview of coming attractions. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're told there are three quarters of the way to the 2 1/2, roughly trillion dollars in deficit reduction they're trying to achieve. democrats are demanding the rest come from higher tax revenue and republicans are rejecting that. john boehner under enormous pressure from conservatives not to compromise. in fact, the tea party group is accusing boehner today of preparing to cave. but the speaker insisted yesterday that tax hikes are not on the table. >> and adding tax increases to the equation doesn't balance
8:05 am
anything. the american people understand that tax hikes destroy jobs. the last thing we should be doing right now at a time of 9.2% unemployment is enacting more government policies that will destroy jobs. >> president obama and his economic advisors say cutting the deficit by just cutting spending would not only be unfair, it would hurt the economy and actually cost jobs. mr. obama said the higher taxes wouldn't happen for a couple of years anyway. >> nobody has talked about increasing taxes now. nobody has talked about increasing taxes next year. what we have talked about is that starting in 2013, that we have gotten rid of some of these egregious loopholes that are benefitting corporate jet owners or oil companies at a time when they're making billions of dollars of profits.
8:06 am
>> the president said, quote, we're going to get this done, but the markets aren't sure. the dow industrials closed down yesterday. futures are down today. the president and congress have a week and a half to come up with an agreement and still have time to get it through congress before the country runs out of borrowing authority on august 2. steve? >> steve: wendell goler, thank you very much. he's at the white house where it was on display that the partisan divide got a little wider. >> gretchen: john boehner described it as a gulf between the two parties right now as in gulf, a wide divide between the two parties. so it's very simple, republicans do not want to raise any taxes. and democrats do not want to make any cuts to the entitlement programs like social security and medicare. where does the president end up in this discussion? amazingly so, yesterday he did a major appeal to the independents when he talked about the fact that maybe he didn't mind if he took a lot of heat from people in his own party. inside the discussions, he apparently has talked about raising the medicare age from 65
8:07 am
to 67, but when would that kick in? in 15 years, 20 years? tomorrow? not many details given. >> brian: the president came off much different than he did in the previous press conference when he thought the enemy was corporate jet owners and the most successful. this time he talked about where they differ. it was relatively interesting when he says, i'm going to make tough decisions about my party. well, that's true. but the problem is, his party makes their own decisions. steny hoyer, amongst the leadership says, if you do not raise revenue, tax increases, i don't think i can get one democratic vote out of the house. republicans say, i need democratic votes to pass anything now. the president yesterday talked about why this needs to get done now with election looming just around the corner. >> it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid.
8:08 am
eat our peas. now is the time to do it. if not now, when? i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if they mean what they say. >> steve: so what he said yesterday during his 42 minute press conference was he still wants a big deal, although according to the "washington post" this morning, apparently the talks yesterday were really about what had gone on during the biden talks. so it's a smaller -- it's not that grand bargain, it's smaller than that. so he wants the grand deal and he's not going to accept any interim thing, stop-gap thing, maybe six weeks, three months. the president of the united states made it very clear, he would not sign that. so if somebody is going to play chicken, he was doing that yesterday. >> gretchen: i think that's a good thing because i think the american people want a long-term solution right now. if you look at the polls, 70% of
8:09 am
the american public doesn't even want to raise the debt ceiling anymore right now. that is very indicative of how frustrated we as a country feel about money either being wasted or spending too much. >> brian: 60% of all the money has nothing to do with today's lawmakers 'cause it's all entitlements. tell me if you can see who -- identify who said, if you look at the number, the medicare will run out of money won't be able to sustain the program no matter how much taxes go up. it's not an option for us to sit down and do nothing. that's the president yesterday! now he says exactly that? >> steve: i know. marco rubio was on this program a little while ago and they're all in washington talking about creating jobs, but at the same time we're talking about the debt limit. he combines the two. >> it's august 2 because for my mind, we can't deal with this soon enough. it's not about the debt limit. it's about the fact that our government, the government of the united states, every year
8:10 am
spends 1 1/2 trillion dollars of money it does not have. it borrows 40 cents out of every dollar it spends. that's what this is about to me and this debt limit is just an opportunity to deal with that and the way to deal with it is control spending through a spending cap, real cuts now and a balanced budget amendment and grow our economy and create new job, new taxpayers, not new taxes. that will generate revenue we can use to pay down this debt. but not tax increases. >> gretchen: that's an interesting thought because what he's saying is that we need more people to be in the work force because then they'll be contributing to the government like the people who are gainfully employed right now. it's an interesting way to kind of look at the whole debate from the other point of view. >> steve: we should point out that apparently in discussions, things got really snarky. at one point joe biden ex claimed, come on, man, let's get real, when talking about -- >> gretchen: that's clean for him. >> steve: well, this has probably been cleaned up. and john boehner, when the president was talking about
8:11 am
cutting entitlements, he said, excuse us for trying to lead, mr. president. >> brian: there is a pledge that they want candidates on the republican side in particular, to sign a pledge that if elected, they won't raise taxes, if elected, they won't do this or that. the latest one signed by senator santorum and congresswoman bachman created a controversy because of a passage that wants both candidates to take a vow, the family leader group -- that they will not cheat on their spouse. but in that, they talk about this, they claim a child born in slavery in the 1860s was more likely to be raised by his mother or father than an african-american raised after the election of a african-american president. >> gretchen: that got whoopie goldberg upset and she had this election. >> i am starting to feel like
8:12 am
there is some kind of racial thing going around. now, i realize i'm not supposed to jump to that conclusion. >> i'm not supposed to automatically assume there is something racial. but (bleep) can you get your act together? you don't know anything about how slaves raise their kids or why people work together! just don't add stuff like that if you don't know what you're talking about! number two, white people, black people, asian people, some of us are single parents. some of us turned out okay with single parents and you know what? stop pointing the finger at single parents! i'm sick of parents who don't know what the hell they're talking about going on! >> steve: she's got michelle bachman derangement syndrome. >> gretchen: coming up, guess who is not ready to die quickly.
8:13 am
that's right. that former congressman alan grayson. >> steve: they were standed at sea for hours after the fishing boat capsized and sunk. you'll meet one survivor who is alive today thanks to a cooler. ooo whatcha got there?
8:14 am
uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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8:16 am
>> steve: fourth of july fishing trip gone terribly wrong. seven americans are still missing this morning after their fishing boat capsized in the sea of cortez during a storm. one person was killed, but miraculously, 35 made it out alive. among the survivors, police chief charles gibson who joins us from san francisco. good morning to you, chief. >> good morning. >> steve: i understand in the middle of the night, your cabin mate woke you up and said, we're sinking. you thought it was a bad dream. you went out to the deck to find a life vest and what happened?
8:17 am
>> i saw everyone with the looks on their faces that something tragic was about to happen. and as i stood there in my birthday suit, the deck hand gave a life vest to the guy next to me and looked at me and said, there are no more life vests. >> steve: and then i understand a great big wave within a matter of moments knocked you off the boat and you were out in the sea of cortez in the middle of the night with no life vest. what happened then? >> just as i came up from under water, i reach and there was an ice cooler next to my right hand. when we go on these trips, we bring coolers to bring fish back. there were over 50 coolers on the boat. so my right hand i grabbed the cooler and my left hand, one of the crew members was there, so i hung on the back of his life vest. >> steve: so you hung on his life vest and also hanging on to the cooler. eventually the boat goes down. a lot of guys don't have life
8:18 am
vests, but there are those coolers and at one point, how many guys without life vests were clinging to life to those coolers? >> in my group, there was seven of us on three coolers. and we hung on to those until the sun came up at 6:30. this happened about 2:00 o'clock a.m. in the morning. those coolers really helped us survive out there. >> steve: no kidding. i understand then all these guys are together, like a little island out there. you're trying to swim as a group, but it's not working out. at one point, at least one or two guys took their life vests off to swim to shore, right? >> well, i was given a life vest by glenn, one of the guys near the coolers. when we swam to shore or attempted to swim, we kept our life vest. one of the scariest moments is i was in the water alone for nine to ten hours. there was no one else with me 'cause the current had moved us all around the sea of cortez. that was a scariest time. >> steve: i can just imagine. eventually you did make your
8:19 am
way, a number of other guys made it there, but there is still seven men missing. chief, what can you tell us about the search for them real quickly? >> our friends are still missing and we're grateful to the mexican authorities and the u.s. coast guard who continue to search for our friends and we keep hope and vigil that they are okay. i shared that feeling of being alone out there and hoping that someone was looking for us. so i hope this has a happy ending. >> steve: we all do that as well. all right. chief charles gibson, joining us from san francisco, thank you for joining us to tell the story about what you did over your fourth of july weekend. oh, man. >> you're welcome. >> steve: like a disaster movie. meanwhile, straight ahead, do you want to solve our nation's money woes? our next guest says hand the wallet over to the women. congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers says she's got the evidence that it works! a video of casey anthony that could make you reconsider the
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple headlines. new twist in the scandal surrounding newspapers in britain owned by news international today. former prime minister gordon brown accused the sunday times of hiring criminals to obtain confidential information about his private life by hacking into his bank account. news international is owned by news corp., the parent company of fox news. and new video of riots in ireland that injured 22 police officers, catholics and protestants took to the streets with petro bombs and bricks. protestants were celebrating the battle victory over catholics.
8:24 am
brian, back to you. >> brian: talks resume today, congress about to go into a meeting in about ten minutes. but before she goes to that meeting, to her caucus, kathy mcmorris rogers, vice chairmanwoman of the house republican conference joins us now. congresswoman, in your estimation, the republicans have won the first -- for the first time in years, won the women's vote this time. why did they? >> the reason that the republicans won the women's vote is because women all across this country saw where president obama was taking the country in a path they didn't support, whether it was health care reform, that he move forward recognizing that women make 85% of the health care decisions in our homes. they didn't like the idea of the federal government getting in the way of them making those health care decisions. women also start two out of three new businesses. and at a time when it's harder and harder to start a business,
8:25 am
the federal government is making it more difficult. i believe that women recognize that the federal government too often is part of the problem rather than being part of the solution. >> brian: and also the stat reads they manage 83% of the household income, whether they make it or manage it, they're in control of it. i also think it's important to hear debbie washerman schultz on the other side, congresswoman in her own right, talk about the war on women. >> it's completely offensive what debbie wasserman schultz has to say. the republicans elected a record number of women this year to the house and they're dynamic women from all different walks of life. we have a doctor, we have nurses, we have farmers, we have small business owners, and they really represent the best of what america has to offer. and i believe that they're going to be a critical part of this solution as we move forward at a time when america doesn't trust their politicians, women are
8:26 am
seen as being more trustworthy, honest, willing to solve difficult problems. >> brian: and that essentially she had just the opposite opinion. the president's approval among women leaves a lot -- he must be worried. in june 2011, he had 48% of the vote n. june 2009, he had 69% of the vote. so that's where the answer to this election might be. in this election, a man, woman american concerned about where we're going with the debt deadlock, there is talk about a plan that the republicans could be putting forward today because we've seen entrenched republicans and democrats do in their current status. what do you know about that? >> i honestly don't know about a plan b. what i do know is that the republicans very much want to be a part of a solution. we also believe that it has to include a game changer. we have to change the way government spends money. and i'm very disappointed that president obama took the balanced budget amendment off
8:27 am
the table. i'm disappointed he took the repeal of health care off the table. i hope we can start building more support for addressing those issues and we're going to be moving forward, for example, on the balanced budget amendment over the next couple of weeks in the house. i am a senate. i believe that's part of the solution. >> brian: congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers, thanks so much. i know you got a caucus in two minutes. we're going to have is a meeting at the white house amongst eight leaders on both sides and the president at 3:45 today and they'll meet every day until they get a deal. thanks so much. straight ahead, we move ahead, guess who is not ready to die quickly? >> plan is this, die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> brian: right. voters fired grayson with great glee. but he's got a plan to get his job back. and can we go no longer -- we can no longer argue
8:28 am
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8:32 am
held on for dear life. made it out okay. is a ball worth it, especially in lieu of what happened over the weekend? >> steve: didn't you say he had gotten a couple others -- >> brian: plus that's what the homerun derby is. you sit there until you get ten out. >> gretchen: especially when the guy hit 39 to win it, it's not like there is some deep factor in getting a homerun ball. >> steve: we're glad he's safe. let's look at the weather on this tuesday and we've got the rumble of thunder in portions of the northern plains, as you can see. also we've got shower activity in portions of north and south carolina. also moving in to northern portions of georgia at this hour. and across portions of the north central plains. current temperature as you head out on this tuesday, it's going to already feel warm, from down along the gulf coast up through the big northeastern corridor cities because of the injection of humidity. the real feels is north of 100 across much of the northeast later today, down through
8:33 am
florida, temperatures as you can see, upper 90s. today's daytime hee high will be -- high will be 100 in raleigh. dallas had close to a dozen days now in triple digits in a row. that's a record for them. about the same for memphis. about 100. 100 for kansas city. the coolest spot on this map as you can see out in san francisco. later today, 67 degrees. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines. a man being served in an arrest warrant opened fires on police in indiana before being shot dead. he died after being air lifted to the hospital. his canine partner was also shot, but did survive. 34-year-old was a six-year veteran of the force and leaves hyped a wife and two children. >> steve: before navy seals shot and killed osama bin laden, the c.i.a. apparently tried to get his dna using a vaccination drive in the neighborhood. the spy agency set up a fake
8:34 am
vaccine program in the area where bin laden was hiding. first they started in a poor neighborhood and moved to his. they even sent a nurse to his compound to give his whole family shots. but that didn't work out. bin laden's identity was later confirmed after he was killed through dna. the pakinstani doctor who headed up the fake vaccine plot reportedly arrested by the pakinstani military after the raid. great. >> brian: guess who is trying to get their job back? i'm talking about former florida congress mapp alan grayson. the firey liberal, who got voted out of office after rants like this. >> the republican health care plan is this: die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> brian: grayson kicked off his campaign last night, calling his fellow democrats weanies for agree to go cut entitlement programs. remember the shocking surveillance video of an oklahoma city pharmacist gunning down a robber who tried to rob
8:35 am
his store? now the pharmacist, jerome, hear sentenced to life in prison by an oklahoma city judge. prosecutors say ursuline went too far when he returned to the store and shot the robber five more times. he called it an injustice, as he was being led away to prison. a lot of you are weighing in on this one. our first tweet says: >> gretchen: all right. i guess i'll read it. the pharmacist needs support, again, another case of pc gone wrong. come into my house and i'll shoot you ten times. >> steve: another tweet: great case for oklahoma governor to hand out a pardon. and casey walks and that dude gets life? >> brian: huge question mark if you're listening on the radio. >> gretchen: speaking of casey anthony, this is apparently going to be a bombshell piece of evidence that you never saw in the trial. but could it be released in the next couple of days? we're talking about a videotape,
8:36 am
apparently by a surveillance camera inside the jail where she was being held after the baby went missing, but before her body was discovered. apparently this videotape was sealed because the judge thought it would not give her a fair trial if it was revealed in court. apparently it's her reaction when she finds out that remains of a baby were found near her home. now, what is so inflammatory about this video that that they thought she would not get a fair trial from it? apparently she sobs and breaks down and hyper ventilates. it will be interesting to see if it's released. >> brian: you brought up maybe it's the fact she didn't react that way when other stories about her missing daughter who was presumed to be dead. steve: exactly right. judge perry will decide whether or not orlando television station and their request to see the video will go through. we had kendall coffee on, former prosecutor down there in miami. he said it will be interesting
8:37 am
when the video is released, does it show grief or does it show guilt? stand by. >> gretchen: another juror now is reportedly telling their story in the way in which they left their jobs. a woman in her 60s apparently does not feel comfortable going to work anymore at the grocery store where she was once employed because she fears how the other employees would react to her based on this not guilty verdict. so now she's apparently left the state and says she'd rather go to jail than ever sit on a jury like that again. >> brian: this is just bad. juror number 11 last night, a different juror, he's a gym teacher. he was the foreman, sat down with greta last night and he talked about george anthony. he didn't think the molestation charges were valid, but he didn't like the way he acted. listen. >> i really thought that george had very selective memory in the whole regard. i thought that george at times could remember something to be as vivid as if it just happened
8:38 am
the day before, the way that he described a number of things that happened on june 15, would be one example. he could tell you everything that happened. he could tell you everything that everybody was wearing. he could tell you the show that he was watching, the topic they were on, but then you go and he's questioned on a gas can and i don't know if you remember the whole situation with the can and how long it took for that whole scenario to play out. he couldn't remember which can or and -- and we had to go back and forth. him and the defense went back and forth as to which picture he was shown when he was really only shown one, and he went back and forth on that. he had very selective memory for me. >> steve: so you've got greta sitting down in florida with juror number 11, the foreman. he did not have his identity revealed because he worries about his personal safety and then you got the story gretchen told about juror number 12. she quit her job because -- >> brian: moving out of state!
8:39 am
>> steve: the thing is, judge perry had said last week that he would release the names of all the jurors this week when things calmed down. i don't know if he's going to be doing that any time soon. >> brian: i don't care what you think of the verdict, that's out of control that these people have to worry about these lives and their lives will never be the same because people don't agree. >> gretchen: not to mention with casey anthony when she's released on sunday. apparently she's not going to stay in florida. interesting, we've gotten e-mails about hearing these jurors come out and speak and saying, they never could prove to me evidence of murder and yet, a lot of people are going back to the scott peterson case. you remember the scott and laci peterson case where her body was found in the waters out in san francisco bay and they never were able to directly link scott peterson to that crime either, but he's currently sitting on death row. so there are ways in which juries do put together pieces of puzzles when they don't actually have every single thing lining up in a row. >> steve: yeah.
8:40 am
they can get convictions with circumstantial cases. straight ahead, a police officer nearly killed by a teenage punk. despite being shot and paralyzed 25 years ago, he is living his best days today thanks to the man above. that officer's story in his own wards when we come back. >> gretchen: astronauts about to take their first and only space walk of this last mission. we'll show this historic moment to you live moments away. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
8:41 am
oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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8:43 am
>> brian: you're looking live in space where two shuttle astronauts from atlantis are prepping to begin the first and only space walk of the final shuttle mission for nasa. they're running a bit behind schedule, so the walk is scheduled to start in about 30 minutes now. they'll be removing a faulty water pump and installing some parts on the outside of the international space station. i can't do that on earth. nasa has also extended its
8:44 am
mission by one day. they're headed back to earth next thursday where we are. peter? >> 25 years ago, detective steven mcdonald was shot and forever paralyzed by a teenage gunman. few thought he would live a year, but with the support of his incredible wife, patty ann, the love of their newly born son, conner, and an unshakeable christian faith, he managed not only to forgive his attacker, but become a national symbol of courage and redemption. thank you for sharing this day with the "fox & friends" family, the mcdonald family, i'm so happy you could be with us today. steven, how are you? >> good. >> 25 years ago today, you were left for dead in central park, unfortunately. a lot of people didn't think that you would live. and thank god you have and you've done incredibly well. you and patty ann and conner now a new york city police officer.
8:45 am
tell us why and tell us people at home if they're giving up, if they think it's all lost, why shouldn't it be lost when things look really bleak? >> well, i came to learn that only god knows that and besides that, for us it was a tough lesson to learn. but that's why i'm here. i accepted god's decision that i could live and i should live any life better. >> and who can live it better, patty ann? in terms of accepting things, steven not only decided to accept and forgive, he decided to counsel the young man who actually shot him and we all know how hard that was for you. how did you decide that you would move on and create this incredible family at that point? >> well, i think when something like this happens in somebody's life, some tragedy, that you can either choose to go towards god or not.
8:46 am
and we chose to forgive the young boy and to be able to go on with our lives. >> and you did. you were pregnant with young conner and i remember visit be with conner and you when steven was out at the craig center in denver, colorado where he was getting rehabilitation. now you're a young man, you're a police officer, conner. why did you decide to follow in your father's foot steps knowing, knowing the risk that you were undergoing and what your family had already undergone? >> my whole life, i've known the story of my father and the great outpouring of love that new york city had for my family and i wanted to help the ones that 25 years ago today gave my family new life. i mean, the best job in the world. i can't complain. i have great bosses, great guys i work with. i have a great role model in my father to do the best i can in the world's greatest city.
8:47 am
>> a role model as a police officer and a father? >> as everything you can say about my dad. i mean, he's the strongest, toughest -- >> so this is a tough day in many ways because it brings back sad memories, but it's a happy day, too, in that you're here and you've done so well and you've gone around the world telling your story about forgiveness and redemption. i'm so glad that america gets to meet the mcdonald family today. it's so important. steven, you're a former navy hero as well. we thank you for your service. patty ann is a mayor oning on island. conner, police officer in new york city. america at its best. thank you for your service. god bless you. keep the faith. >> thank you. >> brian, gretchen, steve, great story, isn't it? >> steve: it is a great story. thank you, peter. and mcdonalds. >> gretchen: when we come back, the one thing mothers can do for their young daughters that will insure they grow up to be stronger, more confident women. >> steve: but first, looks like we're pulling money from pakistan with a drone strike,
8:48 am
the very latest after the break. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens in 12 minutes. >> good morning to both of you. guess who is the leading republican in the latest poll out of iowa? also what if we don't raise the debt ceiling after all? does the sky fall? because you ask, we have an answer. we have a terrific line - up today. we'll see you in 12 minutes on america's newsroom. eat your peas, america. top of the hour.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
>> steve: time for a couple more headlines on this tuesday morning. another half dozen terrorists targeted and killed in pakistan. that country's intelligence agency blaming the latest strike on unmanned u.s. drones. this as the white house announced this week an $800 million cut in aid to
8:52 am
pakistan's military. and listen closely, soap fans. "days of our lives" favorite, deidre hall, is apparently returning to her old role as marlena. she will rejoin full time in september. she was famously cut in 2009 to save money even though she had played that role since the 1970s. but she is back. >> gretchen: with tv shows like "teen mom" glorifying teen pregnancies, many moms are looking for ways to educate their young girls about how to stay out of trouble and so much more. our next guest says keeping them on a path to success starts with boosting their self-esteem. joining us is the author of the book "help wanted, moms raising daughters," darlene brock. great to see you. it's an eye catching book, i have to tell you. i got through most of it yesterday going from soccer to
8:53 am
piano lessons. but in the beginning, you say you cried for a month when you found out you were pregnant for the first time. >> that's not a story. it's absolutely true. i did, 'cause i was going to be responsible for another human. we built businesses. i promoted concerts. i've done a lot of things, but another human terrified me. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is you've led this interesting life. you once worked at a christian commune for young women and then got into the record business, and now you're looking back and saying, here is what i can give back from my mom point of view. the most important thing that you say is the tenacity of a woman and sharing that with her daughters. >> absolutely. and it's a good-bad thing. we women are very, very tenacious. some people call us stubborn. i call it at thes inity. but in that, we can be stubborn for good or stub dorn for not great. our daughters are the same way. when we engage with them, we have to check our tenacity at the door and make sure we're the
8:54 am
one that's the grownup in the situation. >> gretchen: i want to look at some of the tips that you offer in this book. there are a lot of them. the first is defuse. don't ignite. i know all the moms and dads frankly out there, they're saying, that's so difficult to do even at a young age because there seems to just be that process where it's really hard to keep your control. what's your tip? >> you don't always keep your control. as a mother, it's impossible. so sometimes you go all right. i'm leaving. i'm going to my bedroom. i'm screaming in the pillow. i'm saying saul the things there that i might say to her that i shouldn't say and i'm going to calm down and coming back. >> gretchen: you also say to keep your feminine side under control. i'm really intrigued by this. what do you mean? >> some people will argue with me, but we are emotional creatures. we are sometimes manipulative creatures. we are that. and you just got to watch it, especially with your daughter
8:55 am
because again, you're a female. she's a female. >> gretchen: number three, you say remember to listen. that piece of advice goes over well anywhere in the world. but specifically in a relationship with a daughter, how is that so important? >> she's got to feel like she has her own place, her own control, whether it's in her room for her clothing or whatever, and then as they grow up, you listen to their arguments. you want them to be able to make arguments for everything in life. you want them to be able to defend, to stand up for what's right, so you need to listen to them when they say, here is how i feel and here is why, mom. >> gretchen: number four, let your daughter know you believe in her. i think this is so tough. i find myself grappling with this. what is the best way to try and give self-esteem to your child? >> i think it's in your everyday conversations. if you say, i think that might be too difficult for you, they believe it. if you say, i trust you, they
8:56 am
want to earn your trust. if you say, you were made for something amazing, they think they are. >> gretchen: it's a fascinating book and you label your chapters with very creative titles like "coach, time manager, media director." these are all roles that moms and dads have to do when they get home from work or if they're home all day. the most difficult job in the world, being a parent. >> it is. >> gretchen: thanks so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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>> gretchen: we're listening to music. >> steve: you like them? hope so. >> gretchen: coming up on friday, join us if you happen to be in town, we give away free barbecue. >> brian: every year, there is something i see on the direct marketing side that i'm fascinated by and today i achieved my goal. i've gotten the pocket! >> gretchen: you're going to do the whole show on the pocket chair tomorrow. >> brian: i hope to. >> steve: be careful. this was one of

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